West Chester Family Law and Divorce Attorney Finds Effective Solutions

Lawyer with 30 years of experience assists Chester County residents

If you are facing a difficult divorce, custody or support case, you need an experienced and highly qualified family law attorney. For more than 30 years, Linda MacElree (Lynn) of Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC has been successfully practicing family law in Chester County. She has helped hundreds of clients reduce their stress and anxiety during this difficult and emotional time by bringing clarity and closure to their cases. Using her extensive legal experience and negotiating skills, Lynn strives to guide her clients to a satisfactory settlement.

Established firm protects clients’ rights in custody and child support cases

Representing clients in West Chester and throughout the area, Lynn works diligently to reach negotiated settlements in the family law cases that she handles. She also has the ability to handle even the most complex challenges that her clients face in matters relating to:  

  • Divorce — At every phase of your divorce proceeding,  Lynn provides strategic counsel and advocates vigorously for favorable results in settlement discussions, mediation and litigation. Her experience representing clients in high net worth divorces aids spouses as they seek a fair outcome in equitable distribution determinations involving business interests, investments and real estate.
  • Child custody and support — Great care should be taken when establishing child custody and visitation plans. Lynn works closely with clients to develop clear terms addressing decision-making authority, residence, schedules and other concerns that affect your child. You can also count on the firm for effective representation in all types of child support actions, including proceedings to modify or enforce an existing order.
  • Mediation — Ending a marriage is difficult enough. Devoting time, money and energy to a divorce trial can further strain both resources and nerves. Frequently, mediation is a better alternative that saves time and money and allows parties to resolve their conflicts in a private setting where they have more control. No matter how far apart you and your spouse might be on key issues, Lynn can advise you on how a knowledgeable, neutral third party might be able to steer you toward a settlement agreement.
  • Prenuptial agreements —If you are considering marriage, you should meet with Lynn six months in advance of the wedding to discuss protecting your assets through the use of a prenuptial agreement. Even couples who are already married can prepare a postnuptial document that sets forth terms regarding the potential separation of marital property and what type of alimony might be provided. 
  • Alimony —  A spouse who primarily took care of the household while their husband or wife earned the family’s income, or a spouse who earns less than the other, could face severe financial hardship when they go their separate ways. Lynn provides sound advice and advocacy to clients who seek alimony as well as those who are being asked to provide it. After a review of the circumstances, she can explain what factors could be utilized to calculate what any alimony payments might be.  

In addition to these concerns, Lynn also assists with situations involving paternity disputes, grandparents’ rights and cohabitation agreements.

Contact an experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney for a consultation

At Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC, we are dedicated to helping clients with their family law challenges. To schedule an appointment, please call 610-344-7600 or contact us online. Our office is in Exton. Consultations are charged at Lynn’s then-hourly rate.  

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