Choosing an Attorney

Initial consultation

Your initial consultation with Lynn will be one of your most important meetings with any attorney.  You will relate the facts of your legal problem and be advised of the possible legal options and strategies that may be available to help solve your problems.  Additionally, in discussing possible strategies and solutions, you will be able to determine whether you feel comfortable with Lynn’s advice and her personal style. Lynn does charge for the initial consultation at her then-hourly rate.

Each client’s actual circumstances are unique and warrant a careful analysis of the facts and the application of the law. Broad generalizations from family or friends may lead to many misconceptions about the law and its application to your specific situation and may create unrealistic expectations.

Clients need and want a straightforward and honest assessment of their legal matter.  It is a disservice to a client for an attorney to present anything other than a realistic assessment of all aspects of their case.  Attorneys who make exaggerated claims as to being able to deliver 100 percent of your demands should be avoided.

What to bring

In the event a client is seeking advice with regard to equitable distribution, alimony, child support or spousal support, Lynn’s staff will provide you with a list of financial documents to bring to the initial consultation. This financial information is necessary to prepare even a preliminary assessment of the financial aspects of your case.

It is important and more cost effective for the client to gather and make copies of financial information before a divorce or support action is commenced rather than after starting the action. After a divorce or support action is started, financial documents often have a way of “mysteriously” disappearing.

Comfort with the attorney’s style

The initial consultation is also important to help the client determine whether the client feels comfortable with the attorney’s style and advice.  Almost all attorneys charge for the initial consultation at their hourly rate.  Lynn does charge at her then-current hourly rate for this initial consultation.  The information that you receive at this initial consultation may be some of the most important and valuable legal information that you receive.

Setting up an appointment

To set up an initial consultation with Lynn, please give her office a call at 610.344.7600 or use their online contact form. Lynn’s staff will be happy to set up a consultation at a mutually convenient time between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Monday through Thursday in the summer.

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