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Mothers and fathers both have the need and the right to regularly spend time with their children after a divorce. Generally it is in the best interest of the kids that they spend quality time with each parent. At the law office of Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC, Lynn will work with you to set up a reasonable custody schedule and, if necessary, aggressively seek and protect your custody rights

What are the different types of child custody? Legal vs. physical

Legal custody is the right to make major life decisions with regard to medical, education and religious needs of children. In those circumstances, the court believes the party should share legal custody.

Physical custody deals with the actual physical possession and control of a child. Physical custody can be an arrangement where one parent has the children every other weekend and one night for dinner up to and including a fifty percent shared physical custody when each of the parents has the children fifty percent of the time. Sole physical custody is not often granted.

Can you make a modification to a child custody agreement?

Children grow up and life goes on after a divorce, and a child custody arrangement that worked when your marriage ended and the children were infants may not work in future years when the children are older. Custody arrangements are never written in stone and may be modified under the appropriate circumstances. A family lawyer can help you prepare a Petition for Modification of Custody and, if necessary, represent you in court.

Child custody for nontraditional couples

Not all families fit the traditional mold. Sometimes parents have children together but never get married. Additionally, same-sex couples are increasingly raising children together. Also with same-sex couples, the non-biological parent may be able to adopt children that he or she parent.

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Linda MacElree has been helping parents reach strong and favorable custody agreements for more than 30 years. Trust her for:

  • Knowledgeable counsel. Lynn is deliberate and thorough in crafting custody agreements. Creating or modifying child custody agreements is not easy, and you need a skilled West Chester child custody lawyer behind you.

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