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When a divorce occurs in a family with children, the law obligates the parents to provide for their children financially. In Pennsylvania, both parents are charged with the responsibility of supporting their children in proportion to each parent’s income. Child support is a system of payments ordered by a court. There are formulas to determine child support, but a persistent attorney can help you convince a judge to award a higher or lower amount based on your need. Depending on your and your spouse’s financial circumstances, your children who are under the age of 18 and have not graduated from high school, whichever event occurs later, may be entitled to child support.

Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC has the experience and knowledge to fight for the rights of both children and parents. Whether you are working to ensure your children are provided for or to prove that you can’t afford to make large payments, a dedicated divorce lawyer like Linda MacElree can help you achieve a fair resolution.

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In Pennsylvania, child support is generally based on statewide support guidelines, which are based on the net income of each party. Net income is defined as gross pay, less federal, state, local and Social Security taxes, mandatory retirement plans, and mandatory union dues. Voluntary retirement plans and voluntary union dues contributions are not deducted from net income. The courts find that a current child support obligation has a higher priority than retirement savings — therefore, voluntary retirement deductions are added back to net income calculations. Once net income is determined, guidelines, charts and formulas are used to determine the amount of child support that the economically dependent spouse will receive. Lynn works hard to show the court why you deserve higher or more affordable payments based on your circumstances and whether you are the financially-dependent spouse.

Ensuring your children are provided for

A support order can require payments for clothing, food and shelter, as well as educational and health expenses. In some cases, visitation costs, child care expenses and other funding may be ordered. Support is calculated based on both the child’s needs and the reasonable ability of the parents to pay. The amount and types of child support and spousal support are decided by the court in a divorce or family law proceeding. Alternatively, the parents can create an agreement specifying the payment terms. A court can then choose whether or not to approve the agreement. If you are in need of child support, Lynn can help you file an Application for Child Support with the Domestic Relations office.

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