West Chester Attorney Crafts Cohabitation Agreements

Experienced attorney explains cohabitation agreements to couples in Pennsylvania

At Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC, Lynn drafts cohabitation agreements for same-sex as well as heterosexual couples who are living in Pennsylvania. Many heterosexual couples think that their interests are protected by common-law marriage. However, a court decision in 2003 and subsequent legislation in 2005 have curtailed the practice and have made common-law marriage unavailable in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania there is no statewide provision to allow for same-sex marriage, but cohabitation agreements can approximate many of the protections marriage provides. However, cohabitation agreements are not limited to same-sex couples. They can also provide protections for unmarried heterosexual couples and elderly people who may decide to live together out of choice or necessity. A cohabitation agreement can:

  • Arrange for the sharing of living expenses
  • Arrange the division of assets and debts if one partner dies or the relationship fractures
  • Provide for financial support if the relationship dissolves
  • Set aside assets for children
  • Set forth what happens to the house if the relationship ends

Work with a skilled attorney for your cohabitation agreement in PA

At Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC, we provide sophisticated solutions to protect the interests of unmarried couples. To discuss how we can protect your rights and property, please schedule an appointment by calling us at 610.344.7600 or using our contact form. Consultations are charged at Lynn’s then-hourly rate.