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Equitable Distribution

In divorce situations, clients must understand that equitable distribution does not necessarily mean equal.   Property is divided pursuant to eleven (11) factors specifically set out in the Pennsylvania Divorce Code.  There is no cookie cutter formula nor is there a presumption of a fifty-fifty (50-50) division of marital assets.  The percentage division of marital assets may, in some cases, be affected by the size of the parties’ marital and nonmarital estates.


An award of alimony is not a foregone conclusion. Alimony is not a primary remedy in any divorce action.  Rather, alimony is a secondary remedy in divorce cases. Alimony is based on what the court considers the economically dependent spouse’s reasonable needs, his or her ability to support himself or herself and meet those needs, as well as the value of the property that the client received in equitable distribution. The Divorce Code outlines seventeen (17) factors the court should consider when determining if alimony is appropriate.

In the event a client is seeking advice with regard to equitable distribution, alimony, child support or spousal support, it is important to bring financial documents with you to the initial conference.  At a minimum, you should bring copies of at least 2 years of individual tax returns, 2 years of corporate tax returns, if applicable, W-2’s, retirement account statements, brokerage statements, bank statements, mortgage statements, monthly credit card statements and, if possible, a straightforward list of assets and liabilities.  This financial information allows the divorce attorney to address specific financial issues in your case.

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