Accomplished Malvern Divorce Lawyer Provides Sound Counsel

Chester County attorney offers exceptional guidance when a marriage ends

Many families are drawn to Malvern by the borough’s beautiful homes, educational opportunities and proximity to Philadelphia. Unfortunately, divorce affects even the most pleasant communities, and if your marriage is ending, finding an attorney who will protect your rights is essential. Linda MacElree has represented Pennsylvanians in family law matters for more than three decades and can guide you through the legal challenges and emotional stress associated with divorce. No matter how complex or bitter your breakup might be, Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC in Exton provides the knowledgeable counsel and strong advocacy you deserve.

Firm helps clients understand key aspects of Pennsylvania divorce law

The decisions you make during your divorce usually have longstanding consequences. To help you make informed choices, Lynn outlines critical family law standards relating to:

  • Grounds — Many Pennsylvania divorces are now granted on a no-fault basis. This can be done through mutual consent of the parties or a decision that the relationship is irretrievably broken following a separation. Traditional fault grounds, such as adultery, abandonment and cruel treatment, are also available.
  • Process — If the parties attest that their breakup is by mutual consent and there are no disagreements over the divorce terms, the decree terminating the marriage might not take much longer than ninety days. However, if disputes exist, the case could last for well over a year.
  • Equitable distribution — Should you and your spouse be unable to reach an agreement on how to allocate marital assets and debts, the judge will make a decision under the state’s equitable distribution standard. This means that the property is divided based on what he or she thinks is fair. It will not necessarily be an even split.

Having a seasoned lawyer by your side relieves the burden you have to bear during the divorce process and increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Thorough advocate handles issues involving alimony and spousal support

Judges can examine a wide range of factors to determine if post-divorce alimony should be provided, including the length of the marriage and each spouse’s earning potential. Usually, alimony obligations last for the amount of time it takes for a stay-at-home spouse to gain the skills they need to earn a suitable income. Spousal support (when no divorce action has been filed) and alimony pendente lite (while the divorce is pending) can also be granted when spouses live apart but are still legally married.

Dedicated lawyer protects parents’ child custody and visitation rights

Decisions on legal and physical custody are supposed to be made in the best interests of the child, but there might be serious conflict about what that entails. Whenever possible, we strive to come up with an order that satisfies everyone and gives a noncustodial parent substantial visitation rights. However, should your case be litigated, Lynn will detail the factors that courts examine in custody matters, such as how parental duties are handled and the child’s preference if he or she is old enough, to make a mature choice.

Skillful attorney works to establish fair child support terms

Pennsylvania’s baseline child support formula uses the income of each parent, along with adjustments related to health insurance and child care costs. However, your situation might be more complex. Lynn understands how to address situations involving education costs, extracurricular activities and special medical needs. She can also assist with a Petition for Modification if a material change to your financial or family circumstances justifies a child support adjustment.

Contact an effective Malvern divorce lawyer to schedule a consultation

Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC represents divorcing spouses in Malvern and throughout Chester County. Our office is Exton and you can make an appointment by calling 610-344-7600 or contacting us online. Consultations are charged at Lynn’s then-hourly rate.