Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets in High Net Worth Divorce

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One of the more contentious areas of most divorces is dividing up marital property between the two spouses. This can be especially difficult if you acquired significant assets (such as a home, a business, or retirement assets) while you were married. It is always important to try to work with your ex-spouse to reach an amicable agreement, but if that’s not possible, you need to vigorously fight for your rights. Linda has more than 30 years of experience handling financially complex divorce cases.

How to reach a fair division of assets arrangement

In a Pennsylvania divorce, the courts require that the division of marital assets be equitable, but not necessarily equal. Generally, but not always, marital property is property acquired during the marriage; however, there are some exceptions to this which must be explored. Nonmarital property may include premarital property that a party owns before a marriage; however, again there are exceptions which need to be explained.

If you and your ex-spouse cannot come to an agreement through negotiation, and/or a master or a judge decides how to divide your marital property. These decisions are based on a number of factors, some of which include the length of the marriage, the assets each of you had before the marriage which are still titled in your name only, and the standard of living set during the marriage. Though alimony is technically a separate issue, the disposition of marital and non-marital property can impact an alimony award.

Lynn has extensive experience in drafting sophisticated and complex postnuptial agreements, as well as:

  • Experience with complex cases. Divorce attorney Linda MacElree has decades of experience handling complex property division cases in which both parties have higher net worth and substantial assets to divide. We help sort marital from nonmarital property and craft a postnuptial agreement that works for both of you.
  • Reputation for excellence. Lynn has drafted prenuptial agreements for clients of substantial wealth.

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