Proven Attorney Advises on Divorce Mediation in the West Chester Area

Experienced firm helps Chester County residents avoid costly litigation

When a divorce or other family dispute goes to court, the adversarial nature of that process can make a difficult situation worse in several ways. Many couples find that mediation is a better option that helps them to reach consensus under the guidance of a neutral third party who is well-versed in the pertinent legal standards. Lynn provides comprehensive counsel on the mediation process and works to develop marital settlement agreements through this type of alternative dispute resolution. If your marriage is ending or you’re engaged in a family law conflict that might be headed toward trial, Linda MacElree Esquire, LLC in Chester County can explain how mediation might benefit everyone involved.

Knowledgeable Pennsylvania lawyer outlines the benefits of mediation

Working out areas of disagreement through mediation rather than litigation offers numerous benefits to divorcing spouses and others engaged in conflicts over family law issues. Instead of working on the court’s schedule, you can get started promptly and move forward without spending excessive time on discovery and procedural matters. Avoiding trial also cuts down on legal fees during a time when your finances are already going through a transition. Many families also appreciate the ability to work out sensitive matters privately rather than in open court.

Mediation can lead to agreement on custody, child support and alimony issues

With decades of experience in family law, Lynn can explain how mediation is effective in situations relating to:

  • Marital settlement agreements — Even when divorcing spouses have disagreements about child support, alimony or other issues, a skillful mediator can outline how the relevant law applies and encourage the couple to be reasonable. If the process works, the sessions will result in a mutually agreeable marital settlement agreement that can be submitted to the court.
  • Custody and parenting time matters — No judge can understand the unique needs of children as well as their parents do. Accordingly, mediation is often the preferred way to settle differences when parents believe that custody or visitation terms have been violated or require adjustments.
  • Modifications to existing orders — A job loss, new relationship, medical problem or some other significant change might justify a modification to an existing decree of divorce. Instead of going back to court, former spouses might be able to make the changes they need with the assistance of a qualified third party.

Mediation isn’t just for couples whose breakup is relatively amicable. A trained mediator often can defuse the tension and get both sides to focus on the decisions that must be made to move forward.

How does family law mediation work?

The manner in which mediation proceeds depends on the specific circumstances of the dispute and the parties’ willingness to compromise. Lynn’s experience in this area can help you understand the process and decide if this method of alternative dispute resolution is right for you. Over one or more sessions, the mediator promotes productive discussion and points out how a judge might rule on particular issues. In many cases, family law mediation is successful, but there are situations where the gap just cannot be bridged. When this occurs, the parties usually proceed to litigation where a judge will determine how disputed issues will be resolved.

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